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911 Relief Antibacterial First Aid Spray is your first aid kit in One Bottle!

911 Relief is an over-the-counter First Aid product that uses deionized water as its base element instead of oil, grease or alcohol like other products on the market. By using water 911 Relief does not separate over extended time, giving it an indefinite shelf life. 911 Relief is hypoallergenic and doesn't cause problems or side effects with the skin.

Homeopathic formula
(Listed in order of quantity in the product)

Purified Water Deionized purified water

Cupi-Pic Holds all chemicals in suspension (water base)

50HB-2000 Penetrant/promotes healing (water base)

Witch Hazel Non-alcoholic/from tree bark/penetrant/skin astringent
promotes healing (water base)  

Phenosept-25P Bacteria stat/antibacterial cleansing/preservative (water base)

Allantoin Promotes healing (water base)

DL-Panthenol Vitamin B derivative/promotes healing

HCL Hydrochloric Acid for low pH control to close skin cells and return skin to neutral or normal. (water base)





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