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While Doing Sports, and in the Outdoors  take along in your boat, tackle box, car, pickup, golf cart; anywhere you work or play. 

Whether you camp by yourself or take your family and friends, with the emergency bottle you’re ready for any crisis. Here’s more information about the amazing emergency relief bottle:

911 Relief is a first aid kit in a bottle. Take it along on any sporting event. Use it for any emergency. If you get cut, burned, or encounter insect bites 911 Relief has the power to reduce swelling and itching, stops blistering and infection, and will stop the threat of staph infection. It will save you money and space because it is easy to pop in your suit case. This is a first aid kit made easy!

Take it on a skiing trip for sun or wind burn. Take 911 Relief on any trip for first aid emergencies

Be Prepared Cool Campers and Amazing Athletes

With your emergency relief bottle, you’re prepared for any mishap. If you want to know how to treat scorpion bites, want first aid for burns, a treatment for shingles, or a psoriasis treatment, check out our spray. Get one or many, and you’ll be set wherever you go.
Go camping, hiking and playing in the woods! Take the kids and the pets; you don’t have to be concerned about small mishaps when you take your emergency relief bottle with you. Leave the worry at home and enjoy your outdoors activities. Whether it’s a bug bite, a scratch or even poison plants, with our emergency relief bottle you have what you need. Here are some of the things your relief bottle can help you with:
 Mosquitoes – Keep the bugs away and protect yourself at the same time
Other Insect Bites – Besides a mosquito bite relief, it’s also a great chigger bites treatment, and a treatment for wasp stings
Bacteria – Since the emergency relief bottle kills all forms of bacteria like the MRSA virus, you can use it whenever you need something to be clean, and it’s even great for staph infections treatments and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus
Poison Oak Treatments and More – Take your emergency relief bottle with you wherever you go and you’ll be set for all kinds of emergencies, even burn treatments!





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